The Secret to Effective Presentations

Some of you may know that I currently work in the IT field…  Well, I just made my debut as a blogger for Applied Information Sciences, an IT company based out of the Washington DC metro area.  Please check out my first blog post on the secret to effective presentations here, and let me know what you think!!

You can also copy and paste the link below to your browser window to check it out:



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New Season, New Hair

Getting obsessed with hair again as the season quickly changes to fall.  This is a hairstyle I adored sporting all summer — a teased-high crown adds length and un-widens a circle-shaped face.  There’s a sophistication to a no-bang look that I love, especially for work.  But it’s time to put it to rest, for now as I go for an update on my look in time for fall.  I actually just went to a new stylist this past weekend, so I’ll be posting the new do and some freakin’ awesome break-thru hair products next!

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Trendcasting: How to Wear Plaid

Fall 2011 Trend: Plaid

Plaid has arrived for Fall 2011!!

Plaid has so many different feels to it: lumberjack, schoolgirl, 90′s grunge, pajama party, preppy… which makes it a closet staple worth holding on to for years to come, due to its extreme versatility.  This fall, plaid steps it up on the sexy-front when this traditional print takes on unexpected shapes involving draping, cut-outs, and ruching.  So get your plaid print ready!!

Need some fresh ideas on cute plaid looks?

  • Wear a casual plaid button-up with a solid mini and sky-high pumps to rock a low-maintenance sexy look that’s ready for the bar.
  • For a hot country vibe, pair tough-girl boots (cowboy or military style) with a simple plaid dress.
  • Take the schoolgirl and press fast-forward by adorning the plaid-skirt-kneehigh-stockings-look with an elegant peter pan collar and tons of pearls.
  • Plaid becomes urban-chic with a fitted leather jacket, loose wavy locks, and a little bit of bling.
  • A form fitting t-shirt and your favorite blue jeans become “equestrian” with a super-structured, cropped plaid blazer in natural tones.

So what’s your favorite plaid look??

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As a working professional, it’s necessary to have a wardrobe of staple pieces you can rely on.  As a style figure, it’s necessary to keep workwear pieces modern, feminine-looking, and… cool.  This dress fulfills all of the above requirements, as well as being pretty much perfect for every other life-situation — like glamorous brunches at Filomena by Georgetown’s waterfront on rainy Sundays or just plain old lounging on the couch.  The pattern, the cut, the style — it never gets tired.  It’s what I call a life-dress.  So no wonder it’s been in my closet since I was 14!  If only every single piece of clothing I’d ever bought could transcend time’s trends like this one has, I’d have reached complete Style Nirvana by now.

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Catching My Breath

In this personal quest for Style Nirvana, I write the rules, and sometimes a detour from the norm is more-than-necessary to stay grounded and prevent from getting caught up in a repetitive cycle.  And usually, it’s the delight found in unexpected combinations that brings me back and reawakens my need to create.

My apologies for being MIA last week! Between family visiting and doing the Working Girl thing, I’ve simply been swamped.  Here I am, catching my breath, with a Diane Von Furstenberg knit pencil skirt that I decided to try out in kicky strapless-dress form.  I’m also wearing this very structured, very awesome, silver necklace I got in a little jewelry store I discovered off Ventura Boulevard, after randomly running into Seth Green.  The lace tights and Jefferey Campbell heels add attitude while a 1980′s Christian Dior handbag in the most gorgeous red ever tops off the look with a touch of vintage-glam.

I’m baaaaack!  Holla!

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Hot Nails in a Flash: Sparklaholic

A lot of you have asked me to do an instructional post on how to get this hot nail look — which I call Sparklaholic.  The compliments from complete strangers (on the metro, in a cafeteria, at Safeway, in a restroom, in line for an ice-cream sandwich) have been overwhelming, so I wanted to take a moment and share it with beautyBOLT readers:

  1. On clean bare nails, apply a single coat of Perfect Formula Gel Coat ($24,  I really like this gel coat because it strengthens and hardens, while also working overtime as rehab for Lindsay LoHands [noun: a set of severely abused or trashed nails].
  2. Apply 2 coats of Essie nail lacquer in 560 Peach Daiquiri (CVS), letting coats dry between applications.  Essie is my absolute new LOVE.  Despite tortured affairs with dirty dishes and lengthy city commutes, Essie polish has yet to chip in less than 8 days.  It’s the Home-Depot-Parking-Lot-Day-Laborer of nail lacquer lines — cheap and strong.
  3. Apply 1 coat of Sephora by OPI Top Coat in Flurry Up! ($9.50,  Pricey but you WON’T regret it.  This is the funnest part.  Unlike other glittery top coats, this one doesn’t take more than 1 coat to get truly gleaming, although 2 coats pretty much allow you to unplug your nightlight (PS – marvelous for toes)!!
  4. I like to finish with Orly Flash Dry Drops to speed up the dry time and add a little extra shine.  A hot mama cannot afford to wait around forever-and-ever-amen to get dry nails.  We all know there are no time-outs for the fabulous.

… Enjoy!!

*Kiss-Kiss*  LG

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Silky Cool

Vintage silk shirt dress, negligee by Linea Donatella, necklace and bracelet set by Relativity, gifted leather cuff, shoes by Guess, Roberto Cavalli sunglasses, Essie nail laquer in Pink Diamond

Silk is actually a wonderful fabric for year-round wear.  In the dead heat of summertime, it’s lightweight and breathable.  In cooler temperatures, it’s often used for insulation.  I never really knew silk could hold it’s own against the chill until I did background work for Memoirs of a Geisha. Being a ‘period piece’ everyone was costumed in layers of silk. It was January in Sacramento, and while Sacramento’s winter doesn’t exactly boast snowy-temperatures, make no mistake, it does get blessed with the ‘frigid’ stick.  I was surprised at how warm I felt through that 10-hour outdoor night shoot, considering all I was wearing was a few thin layers of silk.

Here I am, hanging out at the Library of Congress in a safari-esque style silk shirt dress with a relaxed, yet ultra-feminine fit.  Man, I just love this shade of red.  And the silk is definitely keeping me cool.  It’s so hot these days, a high-set, low-fuss bun is quickly becoming my go-to hairstyle, which I found actually matches my chunky, tough-girl jewelry surprisingly well.

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Now you see me…

ASOS dress, Betsey Johnson belt, Michael Antonio platform wedges, necklace by Victor Alfardo

During last week’s pre-heat wave it seemed everyone stayed home in anticipation of the inevasible oven-emulating weather.  No sidewalks swarming with school groups, no tourists with big cameras to hold up traffic. Lucky for me, because the park was all mine.  The uninhibited sounds of the rushing fountains added to the feeling of absolute seclusion.  Conveniently decked out in a feminine camouflage print and nude sky-high platforms, I enjoyed the serene afternoon laying low and blending into the background.  Once in a while, it’s nice to have a whole glorious city block all to yourself.
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Line Love: Betsey Johnson

You really cannot get any more feminine than a corset-petticoat combo, like the floral loveliness I just got for my birthday.  I always welcome it when an outfit makes me feel so female — and this thing is just a sheer celebration of girlyhood.  I love the tie up sides and front that create the perfect peekaboo opportunity for some bright, bold undergarment to make an impact and/or steal the show.  It’s such a unique cut, I just had to grab it off the rack at Betsey Johnson when I saw it.  Talk about love at first sight.  I’ve recently decided that Betsey Johnson has to be one of my favorites right now.   As a designer, she does such a good job of mixing fun-loving, girl-next-door with badass, sexy rockstar, and we’ve all got a little bit of that in us that’s waiting to be evoked…

BeJo’s accessories also make an impression with a “glam rock” appeal that is definitely not for the demure wallflower.  I’m crushing on her jewelry.  Big time.  However, I can’t have everything I want.  So I’ll just have to keep lustin’ over this eye candy in the meantime:

Betsey Johnson Accessories
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Taking the Scenic Route

Lately and out of nowhere, it’s high 80 with a fantastic breeze.  Wow.  We decided to take the scenic route back from lunch yesterday and took some pictures along the way.  Our first stop: the most beautiful wrought-iron bus stop I’ve ever seen…

Don’t I look like the quintessential country girl next to this tractor?

Lately, I LOVE wearing, what I call, the fishtail eye, especially with an innocent pink lip. It’s a little Clockwork Orange, but I am addicted to the drama.  

Also, I can’t get enough of this shoe!  They are my latest vintage find, and they actually look good with almost anything — fancy to casual, skirts, leggings, dressy shorts…  A couple people at work said they would mug me for them, HA!  Worn here as part of my favorite ensemble of the week: a simple but deliciously colored Kenneth Cole wrap-around dress, Victoria’s Secret negligee, and a necklace and earring set I got from the Philippines.

This weather is making me feel super-sassy!  Does this happen to anyone else?  Hope you all are having a gorgeous weekend!!



(Photo Credit: Christopher Rollison)

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